What Notre Dame South Quad Men's Hall Do You Belong In?

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get Fisher...

Possible Options:

  1. Fisher
  2. Pangborn
  3. Dillon
  4. Morrissey
  5. Alumni
  6. Carroll

Answer these questions to find out!

1. Do you feel comfortable when not in your home?

2. Do you feel comfortable in the water?

3. Would you ever dye your hair blonde?

4. Do you like the color purple?

5. Do you like the color red?

6. Do you look forward to shark attacks?

7. Do you prefer isolation?

8. Do you like milkshakes?

9. Do you like fish?

10. Do you like golf?

11. Do you like hot wings?

12. Do you know who Jerome Bettis is?

13. Would you ever get a mohawk?

14. Do you like lions?

15. Do you enjoy long walks or bike rides?

16. Do you enjoy pep rallies?

17. Do you like watching football outside?

18. Do you like dogs?

19. Do you like boats?

20. Do you like making banners?

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